Shopping For Fun

Are You Just Now Buying Your Fall Clothes?

by Brittany Washington

Even though fall is officially here, maybe your area still feels like summer. Because of that, maybe you haven't even thought very much about the fall apparel you'll be adding to your wardrobe. However, maybe you've also been thinking that any day, you'll go outside to cool mornings and you'll have to put aside things like your summer shorts and halter top dresses. From assessing what you already have to buying designer outfits, here are some ideas for you.

Try On Last Year's Fall Clothes - Do you keep off-season clothes in a different closet of your house, or maybe even in your attic? If so, think of pulling them all out and placing them on your bed or on a clothes rack. Then start trying things on in front of a full length mirror. By doing that, you'll have a more clear picture of what you can wear again this year and of what you need to buy.

For example, perhaps you have last year's slacks or skirts that still have their price tag on them. Did you not wear them because you didn't have the right top to go with them? If so, note that you need to buy a certain type of blouse or shirt that will complement them. Put aside clothes that don't flatter you and give them to somebody who can make good use of them.

In other words, don't keep things that you know you'll never wear. They will simply take up space and they'll give you the false impression that you have a lot to wear, when in reality you need to go shopping for new clothes. 

Shop For Designer Clothes - Besides basic wardrobe items like black slacks and a white blouse, think of selecting designer clothes for this year's fall wardrobe. By doing so, you'll end up with unique things to wear. 

For example, have you considered buying a wraparound skirt that has different fabrics as its design? By doing so, you'll end up with two options. In essence, you will have bought two skirts for the price of one. Select fabulous prints for autumn dresses and jumpsuits, too. 

Don't forget that jewelry can give your new autumn clothes a varied look. For instance, if you decide to wear your jumpsuit with a traditional jacket, that would give you one look. Then wear the same jumpsuit with a shawl or a poncho, and you'll end up with an outfit that you can even wear during the winter months. 

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