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Use A Small Pellet Stove In These Three Locations

When many people think about buying wood pellet stoves, they make sure to buy models that put out enough BTUs to heat a significant percentage of their home, if not all of it. While finding a pellet stove for sale for this purpose is a smart investment, it's not the only way that you can approach shopping for this heat source. Pellet stove retailers also have smaller stove models which may not put out as many BTUs as their larger counterparts but that are more than enough to thoroughly heat smaller spaces. Here are three locations for which a small pellet stove can be the perfect heat source.


Your garage probably isn't heated, which means that it may become a place that you avoid during the cold months. Even with an insulated door, the garage can be inhospitable over the course of the winter. Running furnace ducts into the garage is a costly venture, while using infrared heaters can be less than ideal if you pay a lot for your electricity. A small pellet stove can be the perfect heat source for your garage, turning it into usable space for car and hobby enthusiasts as well as those who may wish to store extra canned and bottled goods in a garage pantry but don't want these things to freeze.

Ice Fishing Hut

If you enjoy ice fishing, you may prefer to do it from a hut rather than sitting out in the elements. Even though your hut will protect you from the wind and the snow, it's won't be overly pleasant unless you add a heat source. Many ice fishing enthusiasts add small wood stoves to their huts, but adding a pellet stove is even handier. With the auger device keeping the stove fueled steadily, you won't have to worry about running out of heat while you're focused on bringing in a catch.

Hunting Lodge

Hunters spend the day out hunting and the evening in their lodge, which can get chilly depending on the time of year and how well this structure was built. Hunting lodges generally need a heat source, and a pellet stove is a perfect device. With a traditional wood stove it can be difficult to control the temperature, which can make you concerned about leaving it unoccupied. A pellet stove is designed with your ease and convenience in mind, so you can set the stove to feed throughout the day and keep the lodge cozy by the time you arrive in the evening.

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