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What To Get For Your Dry Cleaning Business: Important Equipment And Supplies Worth Purchasing

by Brittany Washington

Are you planning to open a dry cleaning business? There may be quite the demand for dry cleaning services in your area, so you might have decided to start your own business where you can provide those services as a convenience for others. Before you open your shop, you'll need to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies to take the best care of the clothes your customers will bring into the shop.

Get a Spot Cleaning Spray Gun

Some customers will come into the shop with clothes that are stained and heavily soiled. If they're not able to remove those stains on their own, they'll likely come to your for help getting them out. A spot cleaning spray gun is convenient for tackling both small and large stains. Simply spray the solution and let it work its magic at lifting even the deepest and darkest of stains on different shirts, pants, and assorted garments.

Invest in a Shirt Finisher

A shirt finisher is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment for those running their own dry cleaning services. The shirt finisher makes it easy for you to properly wash assorted garments, control moisture, and get them dry within a short period of time. It's helpful because you may have a lot of clothes coming into the shop from people who don't have the time to do their laundry or simply prefer using dry cleaning services. With so many clothes coming through those front doors, you'll need to have equipment that helps you get the job done both efficiently and quickly.

Purchase Your Garment Bags in Bulk

Once you've finished cleaning the clothes, you'll need to have a safe place to put them until they're picked up by the owners. Consider buying plenty of garment bags in bulk. As soon the clothes you've cared for are completely dry, hang them up and keep them covered in a garment bag. The garment bag protects the clothes from dirt and dust in the air. You wouldn't want something to accidentally get on someone's shirt, pants, or even a dress after you've already carefully cleaned it off. Your customers may appreciate picking their clothes up and seeing that they've been placed inside of garment bags to preserve their cleanliness.

There are quite a few different items you'll need to invest in before you open your dry cleaning business, but these are some of the most important things to get. Make sure you've got the spot cleaning spray gun to target stains, the shirt finisher to help you with the cleaning process, and garment bags to keep the clean clothes protected until the owners of those clothes come to pick them up from you.