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Water Quality Control For Business

by Brittany Washington

Hard water, as opposed to soft water, has a high concentration of mineral compounds and other contaminants, making it a nuisance in your home or business. You may think this is an annoying problem you can just ignore, but it might actually be costing you money and wreaking silent havoc on your appliances.

If your business manufactures a product that uses water as an ingredient, you should be aware of your water quality. Poor water quality can completely change the taste or effectiveness of your product. For example, when producing a moisturizing conditioner, you'll be defeating the purpose if you're using hard water, which is naturally dehydrating, to produce it.

Hard water might also be eroding your wallet. A buildup of minerals in your pipes and appliances forces them to work harder, wasting electricity. In most places, tap water is fine to drink, but if your water has a high mineral content, your employees might be turning their noses up at the taste, forcing you to purchase purified water.

With the minerals and other contaminants that accumulate when using hard water, buildup can be a problem for your business. If you rely on lots of machines and appliances that use water, buildup can shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Hard minerals moving through your pipes can erode and ruin your plumbing, costing you big time later down the line.

When you need sparkling clean appliances, floors, or equipment, hard water could be getting in the way. The minerals in the water not only leave behind residue, but also render soap and other cleaning products less effective.

If you're facing any of these problems, you might want to consider having a water conditioning system installed. Not only will removing the minerals from your water make your appliances and floors look sparkling clean and your water more drinkable, but it will make your entire business more eco-friendly by reducing electricity consumption. Something as simple as starting to buy filter bags for your water supply can make the water more palatable by removing the small amounts of sediment in tap water. Water softening can take it a step further to remove trace amounts of minerals.

When producing a consumer product like food or floor cleaner, water quality should be a huge concern. If you just moved into a new facility, you should have your water quality tested to ensure that your product quality is the same.

It can be pretty frustrating to realize that you have poor water quality, but luckily it's a problem you can fix. By installing an inexpensive water conditioning system, you won't have to worry anymore about water quality or wasting electricity. Contact a company, like Randals Industrial Supplies, for more help.